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At PALS International, we provide tailored solutions. Our trained and experienced local sales professionals are available to understand your needs and offer our wide variety of products. We strive to find the right product to meet your needs at the lowest possible cost.


30 Years of experience in the industry allows us to provide the best option that fits your needs from a wide selection of the largest paper mills around the world.


We offer our customers competitive financing options through our relationship with first class financial institutions. Pals International facilitates the application process and yields the best financing quotes.

Local Representatives

Our representatives have years of experience navigating the local markets. This allows us to provide all the support you require to find the right paper and facilitate your business needs, making the process faster, direct and secure.


Logistics and Shipping play a large role when importing paper products. Our expertise allows us to find the most efficient and effective way to deliver your product at a competitive price.